Light on Yoga

Light on Yoga is a book written by B.K.S. Iyengar, the creator of Iyengar Yoga. The inside flap of the book refers to Light on Yoga as the definitive guide to the practice and philosophy of Yoga. It also refers to B.K.S. Iyengar as the greatest living teacher, which many people would also concede.

Light on Yoga offers full illustrations and descriptions of all the poses and breathing exercises of Yoga, the old healing discipline for mind and body. Light on Yoga starts with a foreword by Yehudi Menuhin. It contains detailed illustrations throughout the book.

Light on Yoga has enough detailed explanations to teach beginners, but the book also has a spot on almost every Yoga instructor's shelf.

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Light on Yoga is marked by the thoroughness of its content. It contains detailed, precise, step-by-step instructions in pranayama and asana. In fact, Light on Yoga contains 602 demonstrative pictures of Iyengar doing the poses with complete precision and flexibility. The old hardcover versions of Light on Yoga, have the pictures packed together in the back, but more recent versions have the pictures conveniently placed within the text.

Light on Yoga starts with a 34-page introductory section called "What is Yoga?" It provides a succinct summary of the extent, aim, and nature of yoga as learned from ancient texts, which Iyengar knows very well.

Throughout Light on Yoga, Iyengar stresses using careful technique, precision, and a holistic body mindfulness to succeed in Hatha Yoga.

The technical instructions of the poses also include notes about their benefits. Although the book contains numerous Yoga poses, most Yoga experts say that you only need to master a dozen or so.

Light on Yoga explains pranyamas in Part III, which contains 25 concise pages.

Light on Yoga also contains two appendices. The first addresses "Asana Courses," which appeals to those who desire an especially structured approach, such as teachers. The second addresses the curative effects of asana for various ills including asthma, arthritis, flatulence, asthma, and so on and so forth.

In Light on Yoga, Iyengar tries to provide a practical approach to Yoga. Of course, there is still an unavoidable Hindu tint to it, because one cannot separate Yoga from Hinduism. Nevertheless, Light on Yoga successfully delivers a universally accessible approach to Yoga.

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