Naked Yoga

The term naked Yoga refers to practicing Yoga while not wearing any clothes. This type of Yoga continues to gain in popularity, especially in the West.

People can practice naked Yoga in the same places they practice clothed Yoga, but the factors that influence the decision may differ. Namely, a person may want to workout in a different place when naked than when clothed. For example, many people prefer to do Yoga in a class with other people, but prefer to do naked Yoga at home, because they would not want others to see them naked. While many people choose to practice naked Yoga at home, a growing number of group classes have started.

Additionally, a person may do Yoga with other people, but not a class. For example, a married couple may do naked Yoga at home, but not want to do naked Yoga in a public class.

History of Naked Yoga

In the West, naked Yoga dates back at least to the 1960s. Many movies featured it around that time, including Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, The Harrad Experiment, and Naked Yoga (the movie).

A male-only form of naked yoga, called "Midnight Yoga for Men," started in 1998 in New York City. Of course, many imitation forms followed. Many people associate these male-only Yoga groups with the gay community.

Some people credit One Taste Urban Retreat Center for making naked Yoga world famous by getting it reported in the San Francisco Chronicle. The teacher, Meredith Medland, integrated hands-on healing/energetic surgery, vipasanna practice, intuitive body work, and sensuality to create "a sacred space where groups of people experienced highly transformational experiencing while tapping into their multi-dimensional energies". Medland currently teaches "Sexy and Spirited" at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club in California.

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