Yoga Booty Ballet

The DVD-based exercise program known as Yoga Booty Ballet offers a blend of Yoga, body sculpting exercise, and dance. Fitness experts Teigh McDonough and Gillian Marloth created Yoga Booty Ballet, which they gear towards women. They say that you will have fun while at the same time lose weight and sculpt long, lean leg muscles.

While many people speak positively of Yoga Booty Ballet, Yoga purists dislike the non-traditional approach to Yoga. Think of it more as an aerobic workout than a Yoga session, which may or may not appeal to you. As a real aerobic practice, Yoga Booty Ballet will definitely get you moving around and sweating. By the end, even the toned instructors had sweated quite a bit.

You can find Yoga Booty Ballet system for less than the $40.00 sticker price. Most people view that as a very reasonable price, considering that it includes 3 DVDs and a medium-sized rubber ball to use for various ab and thigh exercises. It also comes with a diet plan and a "Goddess Guide for Success" with fitness tips and workout plans.

The Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs contain hours of workouts and meditation. The Yoga Booty Ballet workouts use variety, going from total-body cardio exercises to targeted strength-building workouts. This results in a combination of fat-burning, toning, and aerobic exercise.

The program divides the workout into core muscle-building exercises, ballet-like exercises, and free-form dancing. In between those, you get plenty of Ujjayi breathing, yoga poses, and "Namaste" greetings.

The Yoga Booty Ballet system claims it sheds pounds instantly, and it even includes a temporary, 1,200-calorie-per-day diet plan designed to knock off "up to seven pounds in a single week!" However, the fine print points out that "weight loss may be temporary."

You can currently buy the Yoga Booty Ballet Complete Workout System for less than $24.00.

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