Yoga for Beginners

You will find it fairly easy to get started with Yoga. Yoga is like Chess; it's easy to learn, but hard to master. Essentially, you do not actually need anything to perform Yoga. (In fact, some people do it naked!) You just want some knowledge about Yoga for beginners.

Before you start, you want to know a little bit about Yoga and about why you want to do it. The homepage of this website offers a straightforward explanation of Yoga. You also want to ask yourself what you want to get out of Yoga. Do you want to develop physically? Spiritually? Do you want to improve your muscular flexibility? Figuring out what you want out of Yoga will give focus to your efforts.

You need to learn how to do some basic Yoga postures. You have a few different options on how to do that. You can take a class at a gym or Yoga studio, but then you want to make sure it is a Yoga for beginners class. Beyond that, you can research postures on the internet or in a book. We recommend you get a Yoga DVD. A DVD will allow you to see the postures done, and you can follow along. You can even find Yoga for beginners DVDs. You may want to try one of the following two Yoga for beginners DVDs:

If you choose to practice Yoga at home, you want to find a secluded place in your house that will give you some space to do it. You'll also want to use a Yoga mat or some other exercise surface. You want to wear loose fitting clothes that won't get in the way (assuming you choose to wear clothes for Yoga). Most people practice Yoga barefoot.

Yoga involves physical and mental exercise, so you want to take precautions you would for such. For example, you would not want to eat so soon beforehand that you feel bloated or sick, but you also would not want to do Yoga without having eaten in so long that you won't have any energy or concentration.

Before starting any new exercise program, you want to consult a medical doctor.

We hope this article answered all of your questions about Yoga for beginners. If you have any remaining questions, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at or post them on our Yoga Forums.