Yoga Mats

Although Yoga dates back farther than Yoga mats, contemporary practitioners generally use a modern yoga mat to do their yoga exercises. More to the point, you don't need a Yoga mat to do Yoga, but most people prefer to use a Yoga mat.

Most people recommend that you get the best Yoga mat you can find and afford. This is because a good yoga mat will last and make you happy, while a cheap Yoga mat will cause you problems and deteriorate quickly.

The Purpose of a Yoga Mat

The purpose of a Yoga mat is to facilitate your yoga sessions. You want a mat that will satisfyingly enable you to perform various yoga positions, relaxation poses and meditation poses with comfort.

Other Yoga Mat Qualities

Yoga mats come in various forms and styles with various features. The particular style yoga mat, the particular form of yoga mat, and the particular yoga mat features that you want all depend on your personal needs and desires. You may want your yoga mat to have some or all of the following qualities:

  • eco-friendly
  • inexpensive
  • position markers (lines on the yoga mat that help you judge your location)
  • washable
  • portable
  • good grip
  • non-sticky

Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

It's important to keep your Yoga mat clean, not only for your comfort but also for your health. You'll save yourself work by getting a Yoga mat that is machine washable. If you don't run it through the washing machine, make sure to wash it briefly by hand. It's especially important to clean a Yoga mat before using it if someone else used it before you. Sharing an unwashed Yoga mat will expose you to contagious viruses and infections.

Buying a Yoga Mat

You can buy a yoga mat in many sporting goods stores as well as specialty stores. This website recommends buying from an online store of your choice, so that you can read customer reviews. Most yoga mats cost between $10 and $50, but you can find some that are cheaper or more expensive. Make sure the yoga mat that you choose makes you comfortable. Again, most people recommend against stinginess when buying your yoga mat, because the quality of your yoga mat will affect all of your yoga sessions.

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