Yoga Pilates

Yoga Pilates is a form of exercise system that integrates elements of Hatha Yoga with Pilates.

Pilates focuses less on breathing than yoga, and Pilates also focuses more on the development of a full range of motion. By mixing the two into Yoga Pilates, the practitioner gets a more complete workout that strengthens both the mind and body. Simply put, you get the best of both worlds.

Yoga Pilates may also be referred to as "Yogilates" or "Yoga and Pilates." However, Jonathan Urla trademarked the word "Yogilates," so people rarely use it.

You can combine Yoga and Pilates by simply doing a Pilates workout before your Yoga asana practice. Alternatively, you can mix them together into one practice by incorporating Pilates principles into your Yoga exercises. This may involve modifying certain poses.

You can start Yoga Pilates by finding a class at a local gym or Yoga studio, or you can purchase a DVD. When purchasing a DVD, you want to check what equipment that DVD's routine requires and make sure you have it or get it. Usually, classes will provide you with the equipment.

If you do decide to get a Yoga Pilates DVD, you may want to consider one of these three:

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